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The Company

Welcome to Innovative Applications.

Our company comprises a crew of technology experts from Software Development to Robotics, gathered together to meet the needs of the modern technological society. As its name suggests, Innovative Applications is here to come up with innovations based on the concept of artificial intelligence in the form of applications and software, all brought together to serve various fields, such as Human Behavior and Care, Telematics Insurance, Security as well as Medical Care and Mobile Operators’ Software.

We are a newly established and well-funded company of innovators who develop ground-breaking mobile software solutions to effectively fulfill challenging customer and business needs. Today, we are in the phase of commercial development in SE Europe and globally, with a series of solutions already in the pipeline.


What matters to us is our common passion to seek more, innovate more.

Technology makes us more productive, so our primary goal is to take advantage of it; due to its rapid development, our mission is to keep up with all latest demands in order to provide insight to the common layperson, address people’s everyday needs and comply with the various social roles they need to undertake. A parent, for example, is always caring and on call for their teenage children when they are out or if they are driving recklessly. An adult son or a daughter is worried about an older relative who might suffer from Alzheimer’s, not to mention the case of an accident where action must be taken instantly. People need to reach their loved ones as soon as possible without the complexities that common devices require and be able to communicate and respond promptly.


Safe Beep

"Technology inspired to serve human behavior"

Our first, new – born application, SafeBeep, is a product that is already in use and it is based on the observation of human behavior in terms of technology.

It is a modern application that may serve as a life - saving tool.

It informs of emergency situations, such as car accidents, body fall, safety perimeter breaches and speed limit violations and acts as an alert system by notifying the so- called “Guardians” of a group when a “family” member is in danger. Once an alert is raised, these Guardians can receive detailed information about it and act promptly towards the member who is in danger.


Precision Car

Telematics Insurance or Usage Based Insurance (UBI) is a type of auto insurance that is using actual driver behavior data in order to determine the price of the insurance, rather than the claims experience and other static proxies as in traditional insurance.

The driver behavior data can be collected and transmitted either through a fitted device, an ODB device or the smartphone.


Precision Home

Precision Home Telematics is a new product, following our UBI solution Precision Car, which allows the customer to monitor and evaluate the environmental conditions inside his/her property, by installing a hardware device specially designed for this purpose by Innovative Applications.

The analysis of the data collected from the hardware device is available through the use of the corresponding mobile application developed by IA.



SafeBeep and Vodafone with the gold award at Mobile Excellence Awards '16

SafeBeep won the Gold Award at Mobile Excellence Awards 2016 with Vodafone for its integration to the Safe Family initiative. The price was awarded in the category "Family & Children Mobile Applications" and specifically for the applications Secure Net and Safebeep that are offered by Vodafone, for the continuous protection of family members.

SafeBeep and Vodafone win the Silver Award

SafeBeep was awarded for second consecutive time this year, during the award ceremony of Responsible Business Awards 2016 that took place on Tuesday 18 October 2016. The competition was claimed from representative responsible companies from various productive sectors of the Greek economy. The offering claimed by Vodafone for its work in Vodafone Secure Net & Safebeep won the Silver award in the category responsible product.

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