Fleet Management

Fleet management was captured as an idea in order to control and monitor the movement and status of vehicles (passenger vehicles, buses, trucks, refrigerator trucks, etc) as well as assist companies to reduce their operational costs, such as vehicle maintenance and fuel consumption, achieving at the same time optimum customer service. Innovative Applications is currently developing a mobile application that will offer companies the opportunity to replace any conventional hardware that have been installed in vehicles so far in order to monitor their fleet. This innovative smartphone application will be able to collect a variety of data not only from the vehicle itself but also from its surrounding environment having as an outcome the “driver’s behavior” in the form of scoring scale.

The competitive advantage of this application is that it offers the best cost – effective solution since common smartphones are by far cheaper than costly hardware devices which need to be purchased and installed on every single vehicle. Moreover, smartphones are capable of computing the final driver’s behavior score and transmit it to a main server, whereas any hardware unit usually transmit raw data and all calculations are made by the main server which is becoming very expensive. But not anymore; from now on, companies can reduce their operational expenses and drivers will be prompted to drive safely and economically, conforming to the standards of the Safety Code and learning how to achieve best operational and driving costs.