Our first, new – born application, SafeBeep, is a product that is already in use and it is based on the observation of human behavior in terms of technology.

It is a modern application that may serve as a life - saving tool.

It informs of emergency situations, such as car accidents, body fall, safety perimeter breaches and speed limit violations and acts as an alert system by notifying the so- called “Guardians” of a group when a “family” member is in danger. Once an alert is raised, these Guardians can receive detailed information about it and act promptly towards the member who is in danger.

Apart from detecting any of the situations mentioned above, SafeBeep is able to tell the difference between emergency and possible danger due to its smart software and therefore assess each case accordingly and notify its users. With the use of the Check – in feature, the members of a “family” group are aware of each other’s location, if they wish to, so in this way SafeBeep creates a shield of safety and offers peace of mind at all times.

SafeBeep also caters for family and social bonding since it encourages its members to stay connected through the Chat feature and free calls; each member may start a private or a group chat and let their chosen audience know of what they have been up to, where they are located or what they plan to do next. In this way, any user who joins SafeBeep will feel both protected and united.

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